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On May 1, 1950, Robert Huber founded a specialist engineering company in Rimsting am Chiemsee under the name „Robert Huber, Instrumente und Maschinen“. With a small number of employees he began producing precision machines and tools for companies in the surrounding area.

In the following years the company “Robert Huber” became renowned beyond the surrounding region for the exceptional precision of its instruments. In the seventies the company started to become involved in the design and production of X-ray cameras and accessories for X-ray fine structural analysis. The exceptional precision and reliability of the instruments produced by Huber ensured that the name became common in laboratories and research centers around the world.


Success led to company growth, which resulted in the formation of a GmbH in 1979. After this, Huber began more and more to develop and produce high-precision positioning systems primarily used for X-ray diffraction in laboratories and at synchrotron beam sources. Other application fields were diffraction experiments with neutrons, laser technology, astronomy and precise measurement technology.


In the nineties the production facilities were extended in order to provide the floor space required for modern production plants. The acquisition of the company PP-Elektronik in Anzing in the year 1998 ensured the continuous development and production of control systems and software for the positioning systems and measurement instruments built by Huber.


In the year 2002 the legal transition was made, changing the company to Huber Diffraktiontechnik GmbH & Co. KG . This was done to pave the way for the handover of the company to the next generation.


Today, the companies Huber Diffraktionstechnik GmbH & Co. KG and pp-Electronic GmbH present themselves as successful and independent second generation family businesses.