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Extreme conditions:

General information:

Many applications are subject to extreme conditions. These could encompass vacuum, low temperature or antimagnetic conditions as well as high-radiation environments. We develop systems which are custom-designed to operate under these extreme conditions.


For many years Huber has been investing in the development and testing of postioning systems for applications under extreme conditions. These are becoming more and more important in industry and science. Thus, in order to conform to the increasing demands, new systems are constantly being developed in cooperation with international research institutes.


Fundamentally, these systems are almost identical to the standard versions. However, many materials have to be replaced or specially treated. The anodisation of aluminium, for example, increases the porosity of the metal, which in turn enlarges its surface area, thus rendering it unsuitable for vacuum conditions.


The individual components are required to be resistant to a multitude of conditions over long periods of time. At the same time the utilised materials are not allowed to influence applications or measurements. This can only be accomplished by using special materials and coatings as well as by additional modifications to the design of the instrument. For example, it is important to ensure that vacuum products do not have gas inclusions and that none of the materials used contain impurities with high vapor pressures. If this is not taken into consideration, residual gases could not only lead to false measurements, but could also generate aggressive ionisation derivates which could in turn cause damage the measurement and positioning system. Elaborate cleansing processes guarantee grease and oil free surfaces. These processes, as well as the assembly and packaging of the components, take place in specially prepared, highly clean rooms.


Of course we also offer an extensive range of accessories for our positioning systems such as step motors, rotary encoders, reducers and so on. If you have any questions regarding these products or accessories, our engineers will gladly be of assistance. We are confident that we will be able to find suitable solutions for your requirements.