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Integrated Z-Stages Series 5104.C

The series 5104.C Stages are translational stages designed for high loads. These units are predominantly integrated in larger goniometers (e.g. 429, 430).

This series is equipped with either 2-, 3- or 5-phase motors. The power supply is via cables or optionally via slip rings.

The positioners are equipped with limit switches and a zero-point control. Gear boxes (series 2083) can be incorporated to increase resolution. A position/step control via encoders is available as an option.

  • multi-axis positioning systems possible by simple combination of stages
  • threaded spindle drive with smoothed and tempered spindle (self-locking)
  • wear resistant delta bronze spindle nut
  • use of low-friction guides results in high reproducibility of minimum step distance
  • robust surfaces through galvanic anodisation
  • use of stress-relieved, highly resilient materials guarantees high system stability and long life


Travel range [mm]: +/-20* (5104.C30)
Spindle pitch [mm/U]: 1  
Max. load [N]: 500  
Min. drive torque [Nm]: 1.5  
Weight [kg]: 16.5  

* optional: extended or shortened travel range

Z-Stage Series 5104.C