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2-Circle Segment 5203.80

  • multi-axis positioning systems possible by simple combination of stages (e.g. with series 400, 5102, 5103)
  • non-linear drive by smoothed and tempered trapezoidal spindle or optional recirculating ball spindle
  • roller guide surfaces made of hard-coated, highly tensile aluminium
  • sliding guide surfaces made of low-friction compression-proof plastic
  • use of stress-relieved, highly resilient materials guarantees high system stability and long life
  • robust surfaces through galvanic natural-anodising treatment

General Information

The segments of this series are individually developed and produced to customer specifications.


The importance of various specifications can also be determined by the customer. Some applications require high repitition stability, others a smaller sphere of confusion.

Please contact us. We will find the solution for you.


Step motors: 2-/3-/5-Ph.
Hand wheels: 0083
Gear boxes: 2083.05
Limit switches: included
Zero-point control: 9100
Encoder : incremental
Control system:: 9300

2-Circle Segment 5203.80

The individual dimensions are determined by load, radius and mounting position requirements:
The size of the mounting surface is from 250mmx250mm for the smaller segments to 400mm x 400mm for the larger segments.