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EZ0275 Air Bearing Stage

Air bearing rotary table with direct drive for high accuracy applications.

Equipped with a direct drive motor and a high accuracy rotary encoder for position controlled applications.

Rotor can be clamped by turning off air.

Mechanical specifications:

Outer diameter x height [mm]: 149 x 80
Turning range [°]: 360
Carrying capacity axial [N]: 600 / 200
Carrying capacity radial [N]: 300
Run out error axial [µm]: 0.05
Run out error radial [µm]: 0.05
Stiffness axial [N/µm]: 200
Stiffness radial [N/µm]: 30
Resistance against tilt [Nm/µrad]: 0.13
Inclination complience [µrad/Nm]: 7.8
Inclination max. load [Nm]: 20
Inertial moment [kg m²]: 0.007
Weight [kg]: 13.5
Air supply pressure [bar]: 5
Air consumption [Nl/min]: 13
Material (housing): Aluminium anodized black
Material (rotor): Stainless steel 01.4305

Motor specifications:

IDAM RMF 2P 77x15LD  
Revolutions per minute [rpm/min]: 1000
Continiuous torque [Nm]: 0.76
Continiuous /peak current [A eff]: 3 / 8

Measurement system:

Numerik Jena RIK4  
Signals per rotation: 18000
Signal output: RS 422 / 1Vpp
Reference signal: TTL active high

Control system:

Servo motor controllers are available on request.