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Hybrid Systems

In hybrid systems the advantages of air bearings are combined with the reliable and precise goniometers of the Huber 400 series.

The systems can also be equipped with slip rings.

The example below consits of a Huber rotary stage 411 combined with an air bearing.



Turning range [°]: 360
Resolution ['']: 0.36 with 10000 steps/revolution
Carrying capacity axial [N]: 2500
Carrying capacity radial [N]: 2500
Run out error axial [µm]: 0.1
Run out error radial [µm]: 0.1
Stiffness axial [N/µm]: 350
Stiffness radial [N/µm]: 125
Resistance against tilt [Nm/µrad]: 0.58
Inclination complience [µrad/Nm]: 1.7
Inclination max. load [Nm]: 70
Inertial moment [kg m²]: 0.019
Weight [kg]: 15.43
Air supply pressure [bar]: 5
Air consumption [Nl/min]: 18

Hybrid 411