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SMC Galil

Die SMC Galil is a programmable motor controller based on a Galil DMC41x3 for up to eight axes of motion. It is integrated in a standard 19" PowerPack unit which can be equipped with various motor driver modules to meet your application-specific requirements. The controller communicates via USB- or Ethernet interface. Each axis provides home-, limit- and incremental encoder signal input.

Technical Data

Number of axes 1-8  
Controller Galil DMC41x3  
Communication interfaces USB, Ethernet  
Control signals Limits, home, direction, clock  
Encoder input 3-channel differential (RS422, A/B/I), EnDat2.0, BiSS optional.  
Dimensions 19" 4HE Rack-Gehäuse (50 x 300 x 175 mm)  
Power supply 115/230VAC 50/60Hz (adjustable) 600VA max.
Weight approx. 15 kg (depending on configuration)  
Environment conditions Storage: -10°C..+60°C, Operation: +10°C..+40°C, Rel. humidity: 15%...85%