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Reflection Goniometer 302

Perfectly grown single crystals have surfaces and sharp edges which are oriented to one another according to their main crystallographic planes. Light-optical goniometers are used for determining the plane angles. In this process the angles of the plane normales are measured.

The Goniometer 302 is designed for crystal dimensions of between 0.01 and approximately 5mm. The positioning and read-out accuracies are 0.01° or mm respectively. This precision is required for the preliminary adjustment on a goniometer head if the crystal is to be investigated by structural diffractometry.

Technical data:

Horizontal circle [°]: +/- 140
Vertical circle unlimited [°]: 360
Read-out accuracy [°]: 0.01
Sample adjustment range axial [mm]: +/- 10
Read-out accuracy [mm]: 0.01


  • magnification 40-fold, 20-fold with additional lens
  • ocular 10-fold, adjustable focus, with cross hairs and fine scale
  • a scale unit corresponds to 0.025mm on the sample (at 40-fold magnification)



  • Websky cross hair
  • double condensor optics
  • projection lamp 6V/15W
  • adjustable illumination
  • aperture disc with various apertures for limiting Websky cross hair