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Motorised Cryostat Mount 5106.20M

The motorised XYZ-cryostat mount enables the highly precise positioning of an ARS- (APD-) cryostat or a goniometer head mount within the Euler cradle system 512.1. Integrated in the Phi-circle of the Euler cradle, its compact design enables a rotational range of 180°.

The use of high-quality stainless steel in combination with high-precision linear guides and high-resolution transmissions ensure optimal specification values.

The independent XY-translations are sinusoidally moved by eccentric drives. The XY-adjustment range is +/- 2 mm, the Z adjustment range is +/- 3mm. The resolution of all three translational directions is in the sub-µ range.

Technical data motor:

Number of phases: 2
Connector type: Sub D15
No. of steps [steps./rev.]: 200/400
Rated current [A]: 1.2
Gear box ratio: 50:1
Insulation class: B
Cable length [m]: 0.5


  • counter weight
  • key
  • scale


Material (housing): stainless steel
Adjustment range X [mm]: +/- 2
Adjustment range Y [mm]: +/- 2
Adjustment range Z [mm]: +/- 3
Weight [kg]: 5
Resolution [µm]: < 1