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Limit switches

In order to control and limit the range of positioning stages, many systems come equipped with limit switches.

In some systems the position of these can be set to individually limit the maximum range depending on requirements. The switches are mounted in a T-groove and can thus be fixed at the requisite positions, ensuring the desired range of the unit.

In some systems it is possible to replace the fixed limit switches with variable ones and/or to mount additional ones.

Technical notes:

The status of the connected switch should be continually monitored by the control system which then stops the motor when the switch is activated.

The internal logics of the miniature switch is implemented so that the power circuit is closed in idle mode. At contact with the switch, the switch cam breaks the circuit. This ensures that a faulty cable connection or a defective switch does not cause damage.

In smaller positioning systems the limit switch type Ls01 is predominantly installed, whilst in larger systems the type Ls02 is generally used.

Type Ls01:

Type Ls02:

Further versions:

Vacuum suitable
Radiation resistant