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Beam Conditioning Unit

The new HUBER Beam Conditioning Unit* is a modular system of different beam handling devices. The modules can be individually configured and combined. Special emphasis was put on the flexible and space saving design.

In the example below the first Stage after the beryllium entrance window is a split ion chamber beam monitor with sub micron resolution allowing for online measurement of the exact beam position.

After that two pairs of slits are following for in situ beam definition. Between the first pair of slits and the second one an ultra fast shutter enables the realization of very accurate exposure times. The shutter is placed behind a 12 fold filter wheel. Right before the exit of the beam (which is window free) an optical system for inline observation of the sample is integrated. Together with the differential sample illumination this allows for very efficient orientation of sample crystals via differential image techniques.

At the end of the unit a motorized and online adjustable beam stop for user friendly sample handling is integrated. The diffuse scattering of the beam at the beam stop/sample is recorded by a pin diode in order to determine the exact exposure time.

The devices are exchangeable and individually combinable. Please contact us for further details and information.

* The Beam Conditioning Unit was developed together with Wilfried Schildkamp (ESRF and CELLS).