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Detector sytem 9910

The unit is designed to count X-rays in laboratory or production equipment and in synchrotron radiation experiments.

The 9910 is a wide dynamic range, X-ray counting system. X-rays up to 100 keV are detected using a scintillator coupled to a photomultiplier and signal processing electronics to provide a TTL output.

The detector uses a window discriminator to detect X-rays within a selected energy band. The width and threshold (lower limit) of the window and the HV of the photomultiplier can be set by the user with the 9910-CONTROL.

Fast count rates are achieved by using a YAP(Ce) scintillator, selected for its very fast (30ns) decay time, and high speed electronics, designed to minimise dead-time.

As well as counting X-rays in a set energy band, the unit can be used to generate an energy spectrum by using a narrow (energy) window and progressively increasing the lower threshold. This feature is also used to calibrate the detector, using Gamma and X-ray sources of known energy.

Technical data:

Scintillator: Yttrium Aluminium Perovskit
  (Cer dotiert) - YAlO3(Ce)
Detection range: 5 to 100 keV
Lower window discriminator: 100 mV
Max. window width: 3 V
Max. count rate: 5 MHz (indicated counts)
  10 MHz (actual counts)
Background counts: 0.15 Hz
Supply voltage: 4.75 to 5.75 V
Supply current: 80 mA at 1 MHz count rate

Detector system 9910