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Vacuum Cross Slit Screen 3002.70.M

The system 3002.70M is a compact motorised vacuum slit screen with an overall length of just 160 mm.

Each of the four blades is driven by a step motor.

Usual applications are in experimental set-ups with extremely limited space and the additional requirement of guiding the beam in vacuum or a defined atmosphere. Each of the four blades can be adjusted individually and with high precision by step motors.

Technical details:

Four step motors of extremely low height mounted on the outside of the housing drive the mechanism via vacuum manipulators. The maximum aperture size is 12mm x 12mm.

The slit screen is equipped with limit switches to prevent collision and mechanical damage. The aperture has a KF-flange on both sides, as well as an additional connection for the vacuum pump.

The KF-flanges can be used for simple adaption to other optical components such as HUBER tube slit screens, HUBER vacuum polarisation analysers or Oxford-Danfysik detectors.

The slit screen is optionally mounted on a X95-Profile or a HUBER prism carriage. Thus it can be easily interchanged or mated with other beam line components.

Blade geometries:

The following blade geometries are available:

A) (Standard)


Aperture [mm]: 0-12
Adjustment: asymmetric
Weight [kg]: 4
Resolution [┬Ám]: 1.524 / motor step (400 steps/rev)


Housing: Aluminium*
Blades: 2.5mm Tungsten*
Vacuum aperture tube: stainless steel

* other materials available on request

Technical data motor:

Number of phases: 2
Type of plug: Sub D15
Number of steps/revolution: 200/400
Voltage [V]: 5
Rated current [A/Phase]: 0.7

Vacuum Cross Slit Screen 3002.70M