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Slit Screen for neutrons 3002.90M

General Information

Special slit screen for neutron applications.

Frequently used for beam shape on the primary beam side.

Technical Details:

Steper motors mounted on the outside of the housing drive the blades via precise levers.

The maximum aperture size is 10 mm x 20 mm. The device is equipped with limit switches to prevent collision and damage when opening or closing.

The housing is made from aluminium and its inside is coated with Cd²O² double denity paint.


The following slit edges are available:

A) (Standard)


Aperture horizontal[mm]: 0-10
Aperture vertical[mm]: 0-20
Adjustment: symmetric
Limit switches: included
Zero Point: with precision switch
Weight [kg]: 6kg
Spindle pitch[mm]: 0,5
Gear factor: 1:1
Resolution [µm]: 2
Repeatability[µm]: 4


Housing: Aluminium inside coated with Cd²O² double denity paint
Blades: Boraluminium (B4C on request) 2mm thick*

* other materials available on request

Technical data motor:

Number of phases: 2 (standard) or 5
Wiring: bipolar
Connectors: Sub D15
Steps/revolution: 200/400 or 500/1000