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Graphite-Monochromator 151

The Graphite-Monochromator 151 contains a highly oriented pyrolytic graphite crystal (HOPG) mounted in a compact metal housing.

Inside the radiation-proof housing the crystal can be manually adjusted to the ideal Bragg-angle for the used X-ray wave length. The diffracted beam is made directly visible by a fluorescent screen on a small lead glass window.

Adjustable entry and exit slits ensure a precise limitation of the X-ray beam path. A wide variety of adaptor plates is available for the mounting of the monochromator on the tube hoods of all standard manufacturers.

Crystal data:

Dimensions 12mm x 12mm x 1mm
Surface orientaded to (002) plane
2d=6.714 A
Mosaic-diffraction angle width 0.4° +/- 0.1°

Graphite-Monochromator 151