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Impulse counter

The impulse counter CTR is a small module for registering and processing the output signals of an incremental encoder.

The module comes equipped with a serial interface for programming and sampling of positional information as well as an interface for controlling the unit via the I/O signals of an SPS.


The counter module can be controlled and programmed by ASCII-commands transmitted via the serial interface (see table below).

An SPS interface enables the module to be controlled via external I/O signals.

Command Function
S start
Q stop
C clear
M mode
?P position (counts)
?S status
?M mode
?V firmware version


Dimensions (L x W x H) [mm]: 170 x 105 x 60
Power supply: 5V DC, 250 mA
Display: 2-line LCD-display
Encoder-input signals: A, B, (RS422)
Interpolation: 1-, 2- or 4-fold
Max. input frequency [MHz]: 1
Control signals (SPS): start, stop, clear, mode
Interface: Serial (RS232)
Weight [g]: 400
Ambient temperature [°C]: 0...40