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Capillary Boy 670.21

Filling glass capillary tubes used to be a time consuming and tedious part of the job. With the Capillary Boy this is now part of the past. Never before filling capillary tubes was so convenient.

The capillary tube is put into the Capillary Boy. The vibrations cause the powder to drop down gently. Simply by turning the knob you can regulate the frequency of the oscillator to match the needs for each capillary tube-powder combination. This reduces the length of the procedure to an average of less than 1 to 2 minutes, depending on the powder.

  • hassle-free filling of capillary tubes
  • break less capillary tubes
  • reduce your cost per analysis
  • save up to 15 minutes for each capillary tube you fill


  • portable
  • works on a standard 9V battery and with external power supply (included)
  • weighs less than 1 kg
  • can be used inside a glove box
  • variable frequency
  • easily tune the frequency for each specimen
  • control the velocity and direction of the particles in your powder

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