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Linear Stage 5101.22

  • aperture over complete operational range (especially suitable for optical applications)
  • smoothed and tempered thread spindle (mounted on side)
  • wear resistant delta bronze spindle nut
  • mounting of drive spindle free of play
  • use of low-friction guides results in optimum fine adjustment due to high reproducibility of minimum system step distance
  • robust surfaces through galvanic black- or natural-anodising treatment

Application specific versions:

  • vacuum suitable
  • antimagnetic
  • radiation resistant
  • in black

Maximum load:

Fx [N]:   200
Fy [N]:   200
Fz↑ [N]:   200
Fz↓ [N]:   200
ΣF [N]: (≤) 200
Mx [Nm]:   20 [=Fy x (z+0.013] **
My [Nm]:   13 [=Fx x (z+0.013] **
Mz [Nm]:   16
ΣM [Nm]: (≤) 23

** z: distance from mounting surface to centre of gravity of load [m]

Dimensions [mm]:

A: B: C: D: H:
100 100 99 144 44


Travel range [mm]: 40*
Material (base/slide): Aluminium
Spindle pitch [mm]: 1
Max. load Fz↓ [N]: 200
Min. drive torque [Nm]: 0.02
Weight [kg]: 1.1

* optional: extended or shortened travel range


Motors: 2-/5-Ph.
Hand wheels: 0042
Gear boxes: 2042.10
Limit switches: included
Adjustable limit switches: optional
Zero-point control: 9100
Encoder: incremental
Control system: 9300

Linear Stage 5101.20