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Eulerian Cradle 511.5

General Information:

The Eulerian cradles of the series 500 can be combined with the goniometers of the series 400 to create multi-circle diffractometers. These can be used for analytical investigations in the fields of X-ray and neutron diffraction.

The Eulerian cradle is a full-circle cradle with an assymetrical design. The Phi- and Chi-circle planes are at right angles to one another.

The motor and signal currents are transmitted via slip rings. This enables an unrestricted rotation around the Phi-axis.

A manual Z-adjustment 5104.A05 is integrated in the Phi-circle, enabling the mounting of goniometer heads.

Incorporated in the Chi-circle is an aperture of 90mm. This limits the operational range to 157°.

For sample adjustment an optical microscope or an optional CCD-camera is integrated (see Accessoriers MiniVID).

Both circles are equipped with zero-point controls and step motors. A range of different motor types and specifications is available according to customer requirements.

In combination with the 2-Circle Goniometer 424 this system forms a compact X-ray diffractometer.


Sphere of confusion[mm]: 0.02***
Parallelity (Chi-plane to Phi-axis) ["]: <= +/- 20***
Weight [kg]: 22
  Phi-circle Chi-circle
Travel range [°]: 360 157
Gear ratio: 360:1 / 180:1** 360:1
Accuracy ["]: 30 30
Repeatability (unidir.) ["]: <= 2 <= 2
Reversal error ["]: <= 10 <= 15
Resolution [°]: 0.001* / 0.002** 0.001*
Min. drive torque [Nm]: 0.10 / 0.13** 0.7
Flange size [mm]: 56 56

* step motor, 1000 steps/revolution

** using Goniometer 410A

*** with a load of 5kg

Dimensions [mm]:

D: Z:
250 70


Motors: included
Limit switches: included
Zero-point control: included
Gear boxes: 2056.05
Encoder: incremental (Chi)
  absolute (Chi)
Control system: 9300
CCD-camera: MiniVID
Z-adjustment motorised: 5104.A05M*
Goniometer heads: 1001

* special base necessary, cradle raised by 40mm

Eulerian Cradle 511.5