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Series Quadropod - 6-Degrees of freedom

Our system for your application

In relation to conventional parallel kinematic systems the patented Quadropod geometry enables the integration of all six degrees of freedom within a minimum installation height. Additionally, the parallel orientated drive systems enable an increased drive power. The maximum accuracy requirements will be achieved by using highest precision mechanical components. All integrated drive systems are self-locking and guarantee a best possible long-term stability.

The positioning will be realized by a combination of 4x3 axes. Eight of these twelve axes are actively driven by stepper motors and are controlled by absolute linear encoder systems. 
A specially developed controlling software enables an user-friendly programming and operation. Of course we offer a protocol for remote control as well. 

The Quadropod is individually scalable and can therefore be optimized according to customerĀ“s requirements.
Three classes of precision as well as HV- and UHV-systems complete the portfolio. 

6-degrees of freedom - individually scaleable


Depending on the requirements the Quadropod can be customized in dimension, precision, load carrying capacity and stability - we are looking forward to creating your solution

Application example: Sample positioning for Diffractometer

Sample space with Quadropod compared to conventional positioning tower