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Goniometer Head 1003-MG


The Goniometer Head 1003-MG is driven by four DC motors.

Limit switches can be optionally equipped to limit the operational range.

It is possible to equip the goniometer head with encoders enabling a defined positional movement.


Adjustable axes: X, Y, Ry, Rx
Range X [mm]: +/- 11
Range Y [mm]: +/- 11
Range Ry [°]: +/- 18
Range Rx [°]: +/- 18
Height [mm]: 107
Read-out accuracy [°]: 0.1
Max. load [N]: 50
Weight [kg]: 2.0


Mounts 1055
Controller SMC 9300

Technical data motor:

Type: Faulhaber 1516-012S
Voltage [V]: 12
Power [W]: 0.31
Resistance [Ohm]: 115
Gear box type: 15/5
Gear box Ratio: 1670:1
Insulation class: B


  • adjustment pin
  • goniometer head key
  • adhesive wax

Further versions:

  • vacuum suitable
  • radiation resistant

Goniometer Head 1003-MG