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2-Circle Segment 5203.07

  • multi-axis positioning systems possible by simple combination of stages 
  • high-precision worm gear drive with smoothed and tempered worm gear (self-locking)
  • dovetail guides with fitted bronze slideways
  • use of stress-relieved, highly resilient materials guarantees high system stability and long life
  • robust surfaces through nickel-/chrome-treatment

Modularly individually configurable:

  • from basic model to high-end system
  • to multi-axis systems
  • with customer-specific hole pattern


Travel range [°]: +/- 15 (fixed limit switches)
Material (base/slide): Bronze
Gear ratio: 360:1
Resolution [°]: 0.0025*
  0.0005 minimum
Max. load [N]: 30
Min. drive torque [Nm]: 0.05
Weight [kg]: 1,8 (without motor)
Flange size [mm]: 28

* step motor, 400 steps/revolution

Precision configurations:

Accuracy ["]: <= +/- 20 on request
Repeatability (unidir.) ["]: <= +/- 15 on request
Reversal error ["]: <=   10 on request

Application specific versions:

  • vacuum suitable
  • antimagnetic
  • radiation resistant
  • in black

Maximum load:

A general statement of maximum load and torque capacities is not possible for eccentric forces due to the amount of different configurations.

However, our engineers will gladly calculate the maximum load capacity for your specific application.

Dimensions [mm]:

S: A: B: C:
70 70 70 40


Motors: 2-/5-Ph.
Hand wheels:  
Limit switches: included
Zero-point control: 9100
Encoder : incremental
Control system: 9300

2-Circle Segment 5203.07