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Air pads

Air pads are used to move heavy loads with little effort.

For this a a highly smooth, hard surface is required such as a smoothed granite slab.

Air is pumped into the inflow diffusors and the compensation chambers at a constant pressure of up to 6 bars. This generates an air cushion between the contact surfaces.

The air bearings are available in both single and twin versions.

The mounting pin of the air bearings can be rotated. The twin version consists of two single bearings gimble-mounted on a frame.

The bearing body is made of stainless steel with inserted brass nozzles.


Max. load [N]: 3500
Supply pressure [bar]: 6
Air flow rate per pad [m3/h]*: see table
Air gap [µm]: approx. 20-30

 * using standard air conditions [Nl] (1013 mabr, 15°C) for air flow

We recommend to calculate the air flow with a factor 2-3 coefficient of safety.

Eventually the use of an air dryer is recommended.

Air Flow