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Base/Slide: Aluminium
Guide System: Steel
Drive System: Steel/Bronze


Each product comes in up to three precision configurations:


All systems are equipped with mechanical limit switches. Also included are scales and couplings to adapt to your drive system.



We offer an extensive range of accessories for individual requirements. Detailed information is given on the respective catalogue product pages.


General Information

Huber translation systems are designed to meet the highest fine positioning requirements.


For our systems we only use materials of high quality which have been treated in modern processing facilities. Their statically optimised construction guarantees highest torsional stiffness at lowest possible weight.


In combination with our high precision guides we are thus able to build highly reliable positioning systems with long life and low maintenance. Additionally, our translation systems of the series 5103 offer a very high resolution.


The series 5100 units can easily be combined with systems of the same and/or other series.


Depending on requirements it is possible to adapt and combine translational and rotational systems to create multi-axis positioning systems.


Please contact us and we will find the ideal system for your needs.