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HUBER diffractometer für synchrotron experiments

HUBER has a long experience in developing positioning systems for synchrotron applications.

Flexibility, reliability, ability to carry high loads in combination with highest precision

  • use of high quality materials/components
  • low- or non-magnetic versions
  • customized solutions

The following examples are just a small sample of possible systems. 

Please talk to one of our engineers. We are happy to provide you with further information.

Multi-circle-diffractometer with interchangeable sample stage-setups

Sample stage-setup 1: Open eularian cradle with motorized cryostat carrier

Sample stage-setup 2: Multi-axes sample stage with high precision piezo stack and air bearing rotation stage 

2-Theta-setup with adjustable detector as well as adjustable polarization analyzer


Number of all motorized axes: 30



Multi-circle-diffractometer with hexapod

Alignment base with air bearing transport system

Theta-circle with integrated Z-stage and hexapod (Rx,Ry,Rz,X,Y,Z), additional circle for extended Rz-range

2-Theta-setup with three degrees of freedom detector alignment


Number of all motorized axes: 15

Multi-circle-diffractometer with Psi-setup

Alignment base (2 axes)

2-Theta-setup with extended Y-detector arm and two detector supports

Psi-setup with open or closed eulerian cradle. Phi-Circle with integrated XYZ-stage


Number of all motorized axes: 11


Multi-circle-diffractometer with polarisation analyzer

Alignment base (2 axes)

2-Theta-setup with supports for two detectors and polarization analyzer

Theta-setup with sample stage, consisting of a 2-circle segment (Chi 1, Chi 2) and a XYZ-stage


Number of all motorized axes: 14

High load kappa diffractometer

Alignment base (2 axes)


Omega- with Kappa- and Phi-circle and XYZ cryostat carrier (motorized)

Kappa angle: 60°


Number of all motorized axes: 9