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Stepper Motor Controller Card SMC MF

The SMC MF is a programmable stepper motor controller card with two programmable modules for operating 2-phase stepper motors with a phase current of up to 3.0A each. It provides a serial interface for remote control and programming of positioning tasks. Up to 62 modules can be connected to a single serial interface.


Control module IMS MForce MicroPlus²
Stepper motor type 2-phase stepper motor
Power supply 12VDC-48VDC (typical 24 VDC)
Motor phase current 0.03A...3.0A (programmable)
Ambient temperature 5°C... 40°C
Storage temperature -10°C ... 70°C
Input signals Limit, home, encoder (optional)
Step mode 1/1 to 250 microsteps
Step frequency 5.0 MHz max.
Communication interface RS-422/RS-485
Modules per interface 62 max.
Dimensions 19" compatible, 160mm x 100mm x 50mm (l x w x h)
Weight approx. 390g (board equipped with two modules)
Options Hand-terminal, USB-RS485 Converter
Application specific custom designed systems are available upon request.  

Stepper motor controller with 2 x smc.mf - Rear Panel

The picture above shows the rear panel connections of a
PowerPackequipped with two smc.mf for the control of four stepper motors.