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It is possible to drive the positioning systems with step motors or with direct current motors depending on the application requirements.

Step motors are generally used for absolute or incremental positioning processes, whilst for highly dynamic requirements servo or direct current motors are used.

An extensive range of manufacturers and available versions enables the HUBER systems to be ideally adapted to your requirements.

Manufacturer: Version:
Bautz 2-phase
Berger Lahr 3-/5-phase
Faulhaber DC, 2-phase
Phytron 2-phase
SloSyn 2-phase
Vexta 2-/5-phase

Technical notes:

In standard versions, bipolar parallel wiring is used for step motors. 

Sub-D sockets are used for connecting the motors. 

The number of pins depends on the type of motor as well as on additional inputs and outputs such as limit switches or zero-point controls.

Of course, other connectors as Lemo or UTO are available as well.