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Laser Adjusted Collimator Mount 3050

The adjustment of samples in single crystal diffractometers is both an intricate and, due to possible radiation, hazardous procedure.

This collimator mount was developed in order to minimize this problem.

A laser beam which is colinear to the X-ray beam is focused on the sample through the collimator (inner diameter up to 0.3mm) by means of a mirror which can be tilted at an angle of 45°.

Technical Details:

Laser wave length [nm]: 520
Laser class: 2  
Min. power (output) [mW]: 1
Beam divergence [mrad]: < 1
Fokusing lens [mm]: 200
Inner diameter collimator [mm] (incl.): 0.3

The power supply is included.

Collimator mount 3050