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The HUBER MiniVID microscope ocular camera enables smallest samples to be greatly magnified and displayed on a PC-monitor or a video beamer.

This enables the simultaneous observation of a sample by a number of people, and is thus especially suitable e.g. for presentations.

On the other hand the use of the MiniVID in the adjustment microscope of the series 500 Euler cradles simplifies the adjustment of the sample significantly.

The MiniVID utilises up-to-date CCD-camera technology and offers ideal performance at a reasonable price.

It can be fit into the ocular mounting of all standard microscopes (23mm ocular). A 30mm adaptor is included.

Of course the MiniVID can also be seperately used as a stand-alone camera.

Technical data:

Connection: USB-Port
Operating system: Windows 98, 2000, XP
Power supply: USB-Port, 12V
Included: display and interface software
  cross-hair generator (optional)
Photosenitivity: >= 5 lux (!)
Resolution: 620 x 580 pixels
Chip: 1/3" Color CMOS
Cable length: 1.8m
  plus 3m prolongation
  longer cables on request

HUBER microscope using MiniVID as an ocular camera:

Sample capillaries 0.3 mm (outer diameter):

MiniVID as a stand-alone camera:

Adjustment software with crosshair

Capillaries at 1500K, heated by a diode laser