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XY-Stage 5102.05

  • base and slide made of high-strength low-tension aluminium
  • smoothed and tempered thread spindle drive (self-locking)
  • wear resistant delta bronze spindle nut
  • use of low-friction guides results in optimum fine adjustment due to high reproducibility of minimum step distance
  • optional choice of step or DC-motor drive
  • adaptor for mounting of series 1000 goniometer heads included
  • robust surfaces through galvanic natural-anodising treatment

Application specific versions:

  • vaccumsuitable
  • antimagnetic
  • radiation resistant
  • in black

Technical data motor:

Type: AM 1524
Number of phases: 2
Socket configuration: optional
Angle of full step [°]: 15
Rated current [A/Phase]: 0.25
Resistance [Ohm/Phase]: 12.5
Gear box reduction: 141:1
Gear box type: 15/8 free of play


Step motors: 2-Ph. included
DC-Motors: 1616
Gear boxes: 141:1 included
Limit switches: included
Zero-point control: included
Encoder: incremental for DC version
Control system: 9300
Adaptor*: included

* for mounting of series 1000 goniometer heads

Dimensions [mm]:

Mounting area [mm]: ø 85
Height [mm]: 54


Travel range [mm]: +/- 5 (both axes)
Material (base/slide): Aluminium
Spindle pitch [mm]: 0.5
Max. load [N]: 50
Min. drive torque [Nm]: 0.2
Stiffness ["/Nm]: 9
Weight [kg]: 3

Maximum load:

A general statement of maximum load and torque capacities is not possible for eccentric forces due to the amount of different configurations.

However, our engineers will gladly calculate the maximum load capacity for your specific application.

XY-Stage 5102.05