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Integrated Z-Stages Series 5104.D

The series 5104.D Stages are translational stages designed for high loads. These units are predominantly integrated in large goniometers (e.g. 480).

This series is equipped with either 2-, 3- or 5-phase motors.

The stages are equipped with limit switches and zero-point control.
Integrated gear boxes enable a resolution in the order of nm. A position/step
control via encoders is available as an option.

It is possible to combine the integrated Z-Stages with series 5102 XY-tables
to XYZ-positioning systems. The power supply of the XY-Stages is via the
SUB-D-15 sockets integrated in the Z-positioning stage.

  • multi-axis positioning systems possible by simple combination of stages
  • four spindle lifting gear drives controlled by a connecting shaft
  • trapezoidal spindle drive with smoothed and tempered spindle (self-locking)
  • four high-precision ball-type nipples guarantee high guidance stability
  • robust surfaces through galvanic anodisation
  • maximum system resolution increased by a reduction transmission


Travel range [mm]: 250* (5104.D80)
Spindle pitch [mm/U]: 4  
Max. load [N]: 2000  
Min. drive torque [Nm]: 1.5  
Resolution [┬Ám]: 0.0625  
Weight [kg]: 60  

* optional: extended or shortened travel range

Z-Stage Series 5104.D