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Depth graded multilayers / Broad band reflectors

  • mulitlayer with various bilayer thicknesses to suit the Bragg conditions for many types of photon energy /wave length
  • broad band or bandpass reflectors possible
  • energy band width of 20% and more
  • depth gradient optimized for EUV photon energy to hard X-ray (> 80 keV)
  • relative energy band width is constant when the photon energy (and corresponding Bragg angle) changes
  • adjustment of band width to a given spectral source
  • high flow of photons through reflection of a great part of the spectral source, e.g. at Bending magnet or plasma source


Measurement of broad band reflectors:

Measurement of broad band reflectors:

Multilayer reflectors can be produced in various sizes, from a few square millimeters (e.g. 6 x 4 mm² like shown in the picture) to a length of 500mm (typically synchronotron reflectors) or a diameter of 8" (wafer).